Document Management: Paradise City Arts

Automating Paperwork Reduces Cost and Aids Growth


Paradise City Arts Festivals, a promoter of high end fine and functional art shows, manages applications, images, contracts and booth information for thousands of artists. While using a paper-based approach to manage artist contracts was sufficient for a few shows, the time, effort and cost to do so became a barrier to growth.

Using the existing Microsoft Office environment familiar to the staff, we created fully automated procedures to process applications and images, jury and curate shows, generate individualized contracts and distribute them electronically. Reports and work orders taken from artist contracts are automatically generated for decorators and subcontractors. Order information and contract status is systematically updated with the QuickBooks financial management system.

What used to take a group of people days to manually print, collate and mail can now be done by an individual in a few minutes. Paradise City saved thousands of dollars in postage and printing costs. The statuses of contracts with hundreds of artists are systematically managed with fewer errors and greater customer satisfaction. Most importantly, staff productivity permanently improved, freeing up resources to launch new shows without additional back office expense.